Privacy Policy

At, we are highly dedicated to maintain superior privacy policy. We value your personal information and we take full responsibility for safeguard of every little piece of information that is exchanged between you and us. Our team is responsible enough for all safety procedures and we ensure that your personal information will not be sold to any third party in any case.
Log Files: Same as most of other online platforms, we also deal in log files for collection of information from users. The details inside these log files are related to your IP address, the browser that you have used for visiting our website as like FireFox or Internet Explorer and your ISP or internet service provider such as Shaw Cable or AOL etc. The information is enlists details about all pages that you have visited on our platform.
Cookies and Web Beacons: Whenever you visit our website, we make use of cookies to store some information related to your personal preferences. It will be used just to create a pop up on your system so that you can avail easy path to our important features and forums etc.

Our site also makes use of few third party advertisements. These advertisers are also able to access web beacons and cookies whenever you visit our website. They will just utilize your information like ISP, IP address details and browser just to add you into their preferences for certain useful ads. For example if you have visited from New York then you may receive some ads related to best beaches in New York City.
Double Click DART Cookies: In order to serve visitors with the ads that are specific to their interests, we also make use of DART cookies. These ads are served on the basis of your previous browsing history such as if you have earlier searched about action cameras then you will get some ads related to best action cameras sellers in your area. DART generally make use of non personality identifiable information that means it will never use any of your secret details like name, telephone number, address, bank account details or social security numbers etc. It is possible to disable our cookies as well as the third party cookies as per your preferences. For this you simply need to visit the browser settings or make some changes to your preferences in programs. But note that it may lead to little trouble in your interaction with our website as well as with few other related websites. It may be in form of the inability to login for certain programs or services. If you prefer to delete cookies that don’t mean that you have permanently disabled the advertising program from your system. In case, if you have not enabled settings to disallow cookies they will be automatically added whenever you will visit our site again.

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